Hi-Pro is the new range of revolutionary textiles from Hideout Leather. Over the past three years we have been perfecting a method to manufacture a textile garment that is as protective as leather with the flexabiliy and comfort of a textile that is fully waterproof on the outside.

For the last 20 years I have been making bespoke motorcycle leathers and selling textiles in our shop. Over those years I gathered invaluable insight from my customers as to the the best and worst features available from textile clothing.

The issues were:

  • Fit - most clothing is imported and therefore not suited to the British physique. To combat this I have used my patterns which are based on years of measurements gathered from our made-to-measure work.
  • Waterproofing - the majority of waterproofing is either an inner removeable layer or drop liner which sits inside the outer of the garment. The outer garment relies on an coating sprayed on to the outer called a DWR. This coating degrades with use and the outer then starts to absorb the water making the garment heavy and feel damp to the user. Therefore we wanted a garment that the waterproofing was on the outside C-Change was the obvious choice. The membrane is laminated to the outer fabric which forces the water to just bead off and not be absorbed, ensureing a dry suit.
  • Safety - Everyone wants the flexibility of textiles but know that they aren't as safe as leathers.In order to make them as safe as our leathers we have had to put a 'safety' inner lining which when tested with the other layers took 49 seconds to abrade. We have used D30 armour, from which there are three levels of performance to choice from.In order for the suit to be safe it also needs to have a similar fit to leathers and be able to zip 360 degrees around so that the suit would not separate. The fit of the wrist and ankle is so that it has adjustment to ensure that it can not move to expose any skin.
  • Overheating - C-Change acts like a fir cone in that when the internal tempreture exceeds the outer, pores in the membrane open up to let out the hot air and when the outer tempreture is lower they close to retain the higher temperature internally. Thus maintaining an ambient tempreture. This will work very comfortably on its own up to around 24 degrees after that vents are needed to allow cool air in and hot air out. Within the range we have given the choice of a fully 100% waterproof garment with no vents, in either a short sports style or a longer more adventure style in a choice of black or silver. But for a garment that is more geared towards hot weather a choice to add vents. They are situated in the top front to allow a generous flow of cool air around the chest with an exhaust vent at the rear to draw out the hot air, with the ability to add extra sleeve vents for even greater airflow.


Vent images for Hideout Hi-Pro suit

Build your own perfect suit

Within our Hi-Pro range you the customer can build your perfect suit. First you choose between a short Hi-Pro jacket and the longer Adventure Pro jacket. Next you choose between a more streamlined trouser, the Hi-Pro, or the Adventure trouser with side cargo pockets. Next is whether you want it black or grey or a combination of the two. Then whether you want to add the venting system, these are vents at the front chest, under the armpit and an exhaust vent to the rear. You can then choose whether to have an additional winter lining. The addition of a separate storm collar. The choice of additional pockets if required. We can also accommodate most additional requests, so if you have had features on previous suits that you would like to keep just let us know. The suits are available as separates off the peg or made to measure.

Adventure Hi Pro suit

Hideout Adventure Suit


Adventure Hi Pro Features

 For further information or to call for an appointment to be measured and fitted for one of our new suits call 01799 584828