The story of the Hideout Jacket

The story of the Hideout Jacket

'My leather jacket- the story so far..' By Simon Fellows

' I went to a motorcycle show i think in London in 1988 and there was a fella with long hair whom made racing leathers from Hideout Leather.
I asked him how much he'd charge for making me a jacket out of goatskin and i recall he said 250 pounds.

So some months later i went to Gwyder (??) St in Cambridge and he fitted me for it.
Picked it up and then its adventure really began.
It went to Australia with me in 1989 and was sent back by container to the UK.

I then spent 15 years doing primarily voluntary work and gave the jacket to my brother during my wanderings
I assumed it'd been lost in the mists of time but when Bro became divorced and i'd settled
in Vancouver he asked me if i wanted it back ?!
And so here it is with me now in Vancouver.

Its 24 years old and i saddle soap it annually. I'd wager that barring the unforseens (that do happen in our lives ) it may easily out live me as i'm now 47.

So there you are Hideout leather..more than worth the money..'

Simon Fellows