Cleaning leather suits, jackets and trousers

  1. Remove any inner lining, where possible, and wash separately on a gentle cycle with a non bio detergent. Allow to dry naturally. If the lining doesn't come out, turn the garment inside out and spray with Fabrise or a fabric deodorizer, Storm do a good one.
  2. Clean the leather using a leather cleaner - we recommend Mustang Liquid or Foam Cleaner and a nylon bristled nail brush to lift out all the grime from the leather and allow to dry naturally.
  3. With a clean damp cloth and wipe off any residue from the cleaner.
  4. With a clean cloth, apply a hide food - this is a cream which permeates deep into the leather which stops the leather becoming brittle and tearing. We suggest Mustang Hide Food.
  5. Leave the suit hanging in a warm room for a few days then wipe/brush off any residue left from the hide food with a clean cloth.
  6. Any black leather can be revitalized with careful use of boot polish - just ensure you buff them off so no black comes off later. If you need to box your leathers for storage, either cover in tissue paper or put a salt bag in with them to keep them dry. Also ensure your box is rat and dog proof. You would be amazed how many suits we repair that have been eaten!