Hideout Ladies City2 Pants

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Flattering fitted leather trousers with stretch comfort panels worn over the outside of boots for a long lean look.

Made from the highest-grade motorcycle leather, thickness of 1-2 - 1.4, it is supple yet super strong

All impact areas have layers of highly abrasive resistant kevlar under the leather together with performance body armour.

A fitted airtex lining, that is breathable and hard wearing.

Jeans have a fitted sports cut with stretch panels to crotch and back leg for added comfort and manuverability

Soft armour for comfort but high impact absorption.

Jeans have a zip to attach to all Hideout City jackets

Jeans are designed to be worn over the boots

A further choice of over 21 colours, added ventilation, and variation on styling is available to order.

Add 30% for Made-To-Measure, call 01799 584828 for an appointment