Planet Knox Dry Inside Leggings

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For the first time soft cotton that keeps you dry!

Most motorcycle clothing linings are sticky to wear so riders opt to wear some sort of base layer.
Cotton is the most comfortable fabric anf feels good against the skin but it absorbs moisture so it gets wet, cold and uncomfortable.
Up to now riders have settled for man made polyester base layers but they snag easily, cling to the body and they can smell.
Knox Dry Inside is made from 97% soft cotton but unlike normal cotton it wicks the moisture away, leaving the rider dry and comfortable.

The cotton combined with Schoeller 3 X Dry technology has a fantastic wicking capability but its secret is the one way water path which means that once the water vapour or molecules have been pushed to the outside of the fabric they are not allowed back through.
 Moisture transfer means the rider stays dry on the inside.
Water and stain repellency means the rider stays dry on the outside.
Dries 6 times faster.