Held Phantom Glove Green/White

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RiDE Recommended racing gloves from HELD. It takes 5 hours to assemble the 156 parts that make up each pair. And the result speaks for itself: They feel like a second skin and perform in the best and worst situations second to none.


Carbon-fibre knuckle shells: Carbon/GRP shells are coated with a ceramic/polymer matrix and Kevlar fibre to perform to DIN388, which means to you and me that it takes 8000 revolutions with glass-paper abrasive before the protection develops visible holes.Side of hand reinforcement:

Carbon-fibre shells with carbon/leather reinforcements keep your sides protected.

Sting Ray leather innovation: Ball of thumb and knuckles are protected with highly abrasion resistant leather made from Sting Ray skins. These are backed with shock absorbing gel pads to ensure that a falling rider slides more easily and with less chance of fractured limbs.

Safe construction: One of the most vulnerable parts of our hands are the little fingers which easily twist in an accident; As a result the Phantom protects the little and the ring finger with KEVLAR all round and finger sleeves are slightly joined to reduce the risk of twisting.

Comfort all round: HELD use step seam machines when making the Phantom gloves; Step seams mean there is no inner welt to the seam which creates a flatter surface with fewer pressure and abrasion points. And that gives you greater comfort and better control! In Europe, only HELD have the machinery to manufacture gloves with step seams