Based in an old picturesque barn in the depths of the Essex countryside, Hideout is truly a hidden gem. We offer you an amazing, unique experience. We have a comprehensive range of Hideout garments both leather and textiles available Off the Peg (OTP) or Made-to-Measure (MTM) with a service second to none. Firstly we will work with you to quantify the best product to suit your requirements, then build your kit to fit you perfectly. Our store is full of the top brands in the industry, handpicked by us each new season; we add to our range for functionality, quality and most importantly safety. With our years of experience, you can have peace of mind that any product brought from us will meet all your expectations. Our repair and alteration department can also work on any manufacturer’s goods, textile or leather as well as boots, gloves etc. We are extremely proud that all our manufacturing is produced here on-site in Ashdon. A truly British manufacturer.

Our Philosophy


Are you unhappy spending your hard earned cash on ill fitting motorcycle clothing? Too tight, too baggy, limbs too long, too short? Our made-to-measure service ensures that the items you choose are tailor made for you and your riding position on the bike. We also guarantee the fit works perfectly with your boots, gloves and helmet. This eliminates drafts and maintains comfort while riding. We can also alter all of our garments if your weight fluctuates ensuring you enjoy your Hideout clothing for years to come. We look forward to fitting all the ‘Wonderfully Unique’ riders both on the road and the track.


Fed up with poor service? For your peace of mind, we guarantee that if after one-month of use if you are not completely comfortable and happy any necessary adjustments to the fit will be made. After that if you are still not satisfied with the item, we will remake it.


Wanting a special look or a unique garment, or just fed up with looking like everyone else? Our in-house designer will work with you, to tailor-make your garment to a design individual to you. You are only restricted by your imagination (and practicalities).


Are you fed up with a wardrobe full of kit that does not do what you need it to do? With a wide range of leather and textile clothing on offer, we listen to all your needs and will advise on the best kit for the job. If not available OTP we will tailor make the best possible product for you. We work through all potential problems to ensure your new gear does exactly what you require it to do. .


Do you value quality? With so many inferior, under performing suits on the market, we are proud to manufacture all Hideout products to CE level 2 EN13595 here in Ashdon. We continuously source the best quality materials from around the world which have been rigorously tested to ensure the highest standards available. Ensuring all manufacture is to Hideout’s unrivalled high standard.


How much do you value your skin? We don't expect to fall off, but we need to know if the worst happens that we have the best protection available. Armour must be held in the right place to protect our joints and abrasion resistant fabrics ensure our skin is safe. All Hideout products and armour have been tested to the highest standard, CE Level 2 EN13595. Almost all motorcycle kit available on the market is only tested up to 40mph (Level 1). All our kit is tested to 75 mph (Level 2), which is why so many Emergency Services choose Hideout to protect their riders.

Hideout History


Peter Hamlett opened Hideout in a small shop just off Mill Road in Cambridge in 1978.  A naturally gifted, self-taught craftsman, he started by making leather jackets for the fashionistas of Cambridge. Hideout progressed to developing and making quality motorcycle kit when Peter was asked to make some motorcycle clothing, which led to prominent racers like Steve Parrish and Kenny Irons wearing and endorsing Hideout suits which launched Hideoeut into the motorcycle racing world.


Kate Jennings joined Peter Hamlett in 1995 having completed a fashion and textiles degree in London, majoring in tailoring and design. Her skills added a valuable element to Hideout that complemented Peter’s excellent craftsmanship.

Together they were fortunate enough to work closely with Dr Roderick Woods, who set the criteria for the Cambridge Standard of Performance for motorcycle leathers at Cambridge University. Hideout were very proud that in 1996, they obtained the highest accolade of being awarded the certification for The Cambridge Standard of High  Performance.


Hideout was looking for a new home and settled on an idyllic farm in the Essex countryside in the village of Ashdon.  Hideout turned into quite a family affair. Sandra Jennings (Mum),  joined in 2000 and with a sales and customer service background, she was perfect at front of house. Her sunny demeanour and amazing memory for people was a major asset.  Unfortunately, in the spring of 2020, she was sent home and into isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Peter retired in 2005, leaving Kate at the helm.


In 2010 Rachael Jennings, (Kate’s sister) then joined the family partnership. Her background in quality control and accounts fitted the final piece in the jigsaw that now is Hideout.


This rich history has gained Hideout a wealth of experience not only in the importance of safety but fit, functionality and comfort. With customer satisfaction being paramount throughout the Hideout experience. Over the years, we have also had the opportunity to work on a wealth of different manufacturers leathers and textiles in our repair and alteration department. This has  taught us what is not ideal. How easily some seams burst, how inferior leather has abraded plus other unsatisfactory garment failures. Injures have occurred that in some cases could possibly have been avoided. Hideout constantly strives to address all safety issues


As Hideout was traditionally a leather manufacturer, we became increasingly despondent with the quality, fit and safety of most of the textile clothing on the market. Why would you go from good thick, tough leathers on a dry day to what is essentially no better than a ski jacket, in the rain? Hideout have spent a considerable amount of time designing, developing and engineering a tough functional, yet comfortable waterproof suit, that would stand up to the same rigorous testing our leathers have been subjected to. Adding to the Hideout range we were proud to launch our Hi-Pro Suit which was is certified as safety wear CE Level 2 EN13595 .


Continuing  to evolve, Hideout introduced the System Concept suit in 2018. When trying to get one piece of  kit to do everything it is inevitably always a compromise it can never do everything well.  Until now! The System Concept is based on a layered system, with each layer working perfectly to produce the perfect garment. The base layer is to CE Level 2 EN 13595 which means it has all the abrasion and impact resistance of a racetrack suit but is light weight and breathable. Thermal, windproof or waterproof layers can then be added to build the perfect garment to combat any weather condition.


2020 will go down in history as an extremely difficult year due to Covid-19, the strangest of times with all businesses affected by the global pandemic. Hideout has worked hard throughout this year to accommodate all customer’s needs whilst keeping customers and staff safe. Along with our continued commitment to all emergency services during the lockdown periods, additional Police contracts have kept us busy throughout this difficult time. The tenacity, passion and hard work of the whole team ensures that Hideout goes from strength to strength. We are all excited for the future.

Hideout & Mission Impossible

In the summer of 2014 Hideout was approached to design and make the motorcycle suits for the latest chapter in Tom Cruises’ Mission Impossible films, MI5. Traditionally the costume department would buy in or have a company product place its kit but as the bike race was to be an important part of the film, the costume designer, Johanna Johnston wanted to have the ultimate charge of how they looked. She wanted the suits to look stylish and fit beautifully, however more importantly they were not just for show. These leathers were to be used by the stunt riders racing through the streets of Morocco and inevitably they would be crashing and falling off. The suits needed to be manufactured to the highest specification to protect the riders. So, Hideout a leading pioneer in the manufacture of performance safety motorcycle clothing were the natural choice. With 20 years of experience Kate Jennings their designer and co-owner excitedly took up the challenge.

“Johanna said dealing with a British based manufacturer made her job so much easier. We worked together on the designs for the suits, most of which are adaptations of our current two-piece suits. Then for Rebecca Ferguson the leading lady a sexy version of our Xtreme One-piece suit. We used the skills of Chris Whitham of LucidSynergy who laser cut the back design on her suit. It took over three hours to sew just the design, but the effect is amazing. I was on call for weekly visits to the Warner Brother studios in Watford for the fittings of all the stunt guys and doubles. The whole experience was amazing, another world. It was so interesting to see the studios and to be involved was an honour"

Kate Jennings