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Hideout started making suits for bikers such as  Steve Parrish and Kenny Irons in the ’70s. The design and specification of the suits have come a long way since then, but the ethos is still the same: Safety, Wearability, Safety.  Hideout never compromises on safety. If you are racing a motorcycle it is possibly a question of not if but when you have an off . Therefore, all owners of Hideout Race suits have the peace of mind that our suits have been tried, tested and endorsed by some of the best riders in the country. 

Special Offer to ACU race license holders – 20% off made-to-measure race one-piece suits. Call for an appointment or help with measuring at home 01799 584828

Hi Kate hope you all had a good Christmas and new year. I’m after a new suit for this season and as I’ve been with you now for the last couple of seasons I would like another suit of you If possible. After wearing your suits I’d find it hard to have the confidence in other suits as the quality you make is a step ahead. How much is a suit ? I’m after it for obv road racing but a quite simple design.


Hi Kate, Sandra and all at Hideout, I recently had a 80mph+ crash at Snetterton on a trackday, and am pleased to tell you that thanks to my recently purchased Hideout suit (this spring) I didn't even have a bruise!! The suit had a little bit of scuffing which only needs minor attention. To say I was chuffed would be an understatement. Putting it in perspective, another rider fell in the morning in the same type of accident wearing "popular" leathers at low(ish) speed and by the afternoon he was aching badly and his suit was badly damaged. I walked away with no ill effects at all. I would not hesitate to buy from you again or recommend you to friends and family, as your friendly top quality service, along with a really high quality product makes you stand head and shoulders above your competitors. You should be proud of what you do.


Doing research before buying made to measure race leathers, several vendors did not seem to take my request too seriously. Hideout were highly professional and friendly throughout the entire process, explaining the different options and what would be of benefit in my situation, as we all want slightly different things. They are not the lowest cost items you can get but I have seen other garments that were and would not want to be wearing them! The fit is something else, this is my first set of made to measure and the difference from off the peg is a feeling of being snug but not tight, giving confidence. They also make my gloves and boots feel like a better fit. I have gone back to Hideout at the end of the past couple of seasons to have a ‘service and clean’ carried out on the suit. This is less than a clean at the local dry cleaners with the added peace of mind that Rachael and Kate will ensure that the suit will be 100% ready to tackle another season. Should this suit require replacing, I have a suspicion the next will also feature that little Armadillo...

Just wanted to post some good news. I've not been happy with lots of bike clothing, most of it seems to be poor quality and customer service, with a few well known exceptions, is poor too. I've had Dainese and Alpinestars leathers and neither of them have shown signs of lasting very well, stitching coming undone, various zips replaced (Dianese jacket one new zip a year)

Last year I was measured up for a made-to-measure suit by an agent of a well known manufacturer but after 5 months of p*ssing about it didn't materialize and I asked for a refund. So this year I thought I'd pay a little extra and go to Hideout Leather. (Same price as the measure and hope approach of Dainese, so not that expensive in real terms) Kate at Hideout had a great reputation - I couldn't find one person who had a bad word to say about her or her suits so placed an order for a made to measure suit, custom design with additional pockets, venting, protection etc.

After previous experience I wasn't sure what to expect but 4 weeks after being measured, exactly when she said it would be - I went back for a trial fitting and a few adjustments. At this stage the suit was a lose collection of leather panels tacked together so she could see if it was right before making the final cuts.

Today, 2 weeks after the trial fit, exactly when she said it would be, I collected the suit. All I can say is it's fantastic ! The fit is perfect, exactly what I asked for, the tailoring is perfect, every part of the suit fits perfectly. It's got kevlar lining, soft armour, a Forcefield L2 back protector built in, removable lining, the leather is like nothing I've seen before - makes the Dainese and especially the Alpinestars leather feel like cardboard. The complete suit is CE approved as protective equipment, not just the armour. It will stretch slightly in some areas but it was comfortable right from the off and needs very little bedding in.

Also, being a proper tailored product it's easy to make it grow or contract as you get older/fatter/thinner, adding or removing whole panels as necessary.

If you are considering new leathers, I'd seriously recommend you talk to Hideout Leather - I've got no connection with them and I hope this doesn't sound like an advert but having bought so much (expensive) rubbish in the past, it's great to find such a well designed and constructed product right on my doorstep with perfect service.

Hi Kate, I was really cursing you on Friday evening as I tried to get into my new suit. It was tight everywhere, I bruised both thumbs trying to do up the zips! I finally worked out how to get it on without tweaking my back and got the technique to squat and push down the knees to lower the ankle zips. I also couldn't wear the EDZ suit as even that thin layer added too much, and bunched up around the waist. It also was very tight near the front of my underarms which caused a bruise on both sides, and I wont even mention how tight it was, shall we say near the seating area! I can't remember you asking me which side I "dressed on" but I was forced to make a choice. Luckily, as my brother in-law joked and he was wrong, it didn't affect the stability of the right hander turns:-) He's a funny guy...

Saturday was another day and it was easier to get it on as my technique improved and I finally managed to do up the zips.

However, by Monday at Silverstone, I was eating all of my curses and praising your teams magnificent understanding and expertise in one piece suit manufacture to everyone that would listen (and there were a few enquiries!). The suit, once worn-in even slightly, is close to an absolutely perfect fit, I know in a few more sessions it will be that perfect fit that one can only get in a made to measure suit. (I was looking at other peoples suits and they just didn't compare for quality, fit and look). On the bike it was absolutely lovely, I didn't have a problem with any part of it, knees, hips and elbows were solidly in place, the back protector is not only huge, but comfortable and shoulders were also rigid as can be.

Overall I am super pleased with it and think that even though it's a lot of money, the value for money far exceeds any other suit I could buy. It's exceeded my expectations by a very long way. So after all my cursing, which I apologies for, thank you VERY much for producing such a high quality suit.

Silverstone was fantastic fun and fortunately I didn't fully test the suit out! 😉

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