Repairs & Alterations

Hideout offers a full range of leather repair, cleaning, refurbishment and alteration services…

With 30 years’ worth of experience making made-to-measure high performance leathers and textiles we are experts in fit. We can alter any leather and textile clothing to fit and ensure you the peace of mind that any alterations we do are to the highest safety standards. Email us for a quotation citing make, age, and problem with garment.

Had an off or just worn out? We can repair or replace panels, zips and stitching where necessary ensuring the garment retains all its original strength.

We are the official repairers for all Baglux products, we have all the replacement pieces needed for all models. Phone us for a quotation or send your bag to us including your details.

To make your clothing more adaptable we fit half- and full-length zips to all makes of clothing allowing you to mix and match garments.

Uncomfortable or substandard armour? We can upgrade garments to include our high performance pliable armour. We can also fit back protectors into suits and jackets. We offer Knox, D30 and Forcefield armour. Talk to the girls about what would work for you

We have a dedicated artist available to put names and artwork on to all makes of leathers. We can also put covered badges on to suits and jackets.

We can clean and recondition all leather garments, all products used are tested to ensure they do not harm the strength of the garment. Picture below shows a jacket which has been cleaned one side to see the difference a deep clean can do.Winter Service package for £120 per suit or £60 a jacket or jeanThis includes cleaning, reconditioning lining refreshment and complete overhaul, checking of stitching and armour. Any additional stitching work needed will be charged as extras. For prices on any of the above service please phone or email us with information of the make and model of the item that need repairing with a brief description of what need doing.

If you are disabled in anyway and need alterations to any clothing, please call Kate. She can go through your requirements and modify most clothing.

If you are considering new leathers, I'd seriously recommend you talk to Hideout Leather - I've got no connection with them and I hope this doesn't sound like an advert but having bought so much (expensive) rubbish in the past, it's great to find such a well designed and constructed product right on my doorstep with perfect service.

Billy Potter

Overall I am super pleased with it and think that even though it's a lot of money, the value for money far exceeds any other suit I could buy.  It's exceeded my expectations by a very long way.  So after all my cursing, which I apologies for, thank you VERY much for producing such a high quality suit. Silverstone was fantastic fun and fortunately I didn't fully test the suit out! 😉

Laurence Stevenson

1985 You made me a Made to Measure Suit, It was Mandarin Chinese Styling, at the time I was on holiday time, went on to become a Motorcycle courier for two & half years in London. On average used to get knocked off by blind car drivers about every 9 months. Your suit then being a goatskin was cooler in the summer, as opposed to cowhide suits. Good to know you are still in business.

John Mulley

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